You don't want Salivary Gland Stones, so scrape your tongue (VIDEO)

Strolling through my Facebook feed today I come across a Mashable Article about a disgusting video (with over 1 million views) involving Salivary Gland Stones. If you have issues with extremely disgusting things then please don't watch the video below. While scraping your tongue is great for hangover cures, having good breath on a date, or even preventing preventing soar throats, Salivary Gland Stones might be the main thing I'm happy to be preventing while I scrape. The surface of your tongue is filled with bacteria and that spreads to other places of your mouth and causes things like canker sores and potentially SALIVARY GLAND STONES! Improve the overall hygiene of your mouth by scraping your tongue regularly. Join the Dollar Fresh Squad to receive a fresh tongue scraper in the mail each month. It's less than the price of a cup of Starbucks Coffee each month in order to protect your mouth.

Now watch the video if you dare:

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